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PLEASE NOTE:  The "STORE" page lists only one item, Pick Your Own, right now.  It's meant for you to be able to pick-n-choose what flavors you'd like in your box of truffles!  The current flavors (as of 8/10/18) include:  Bailey's Irish Cream; Bailey's Chocolate Cherry; Birthday Cake; Buckeye Balls, Buttery Rum; Climatic Cheesecake; Coconut; Raspberry and Salted Caramel.  Once these flavors change, this page will be updated. 


TO PICK YOUR OWN, SIMPLY ADD IN THE FLAVOR CHOICES ON YOUR ORDER UNDER THE "ORDER AND DELIVERY COMMENTS" SECTION DURING YOUR ORDER.  Any questions/concerns, you can always call or text or email Kit's Confections.  Your order will be confirmed via email to the email address you list - please always check your spam/junk folder if you don't see a confirmation.



All candy is made with Merckens Dark Chocolate and should be kept refrigerated.  If you prefer a softer interior, simply allow the candy to sit out in room temperature and the interior will soften up nicely!  


The Buckeye Balls are made with peanut butter; thus, those with allergies toward peanuts are strongly advised to avoid this flavor.

All of the current flavors that are gluten-free!  

All candy is made with top shelf liquors/spirits and are intended for adults.  (Please call Kit's Confections for alcohol information, and if you call and get Kit's voice mail and don't get a return call quickly, please call back as Kit's fingers are sometimes sticky with chocolate and the 'delete' button is unintentionally pressed!!)

Please note that candy box weight is approximate - because these candies are made by hand, not machine, so size discrepancies are normal.

The candy is packaged in "sleeves" of about three balls - all the same flavor (flavors within the sleeves cannot be a variety).  Each box can have any 5 mix-n-match flavors.

Shelf-life of the candy is approximately four to five months, if kept refrigerated. 

These delightful treats can also be 'molded' for bachelorette/bachelor parties!

Custom/special orders are always welcome - and encouraged! 

Flavors will change often, experiments with new flavors are frequent, a phone call/text/email to Kit will tell you what's happening!

Discounts on bulk quantities are available.



Shipping Info

The majority of shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail.  Once your order is received and confirmed, you will be advised when the shipment leaves.  You will also be provided with a tracking number so you can follow your package.  Priority mail is typically 2-3 days delivery.  UPS/Fedex are other alternatives to shipping (as well as local pick-up).  

Unfortunately, shipping must be restricted to Mother Nature's desires.  If the temperatures are at 83 degrees F or higher, shipping is not recommended.  Contact Kit directly with any concerns - where there is a will, there is a way!

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The ORIGINAL Adult Truffle! Kit's Confections offers high quality, adult-only, chocolate truffles. Please contact Kit for any information you desire!

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